About Tansun
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Tansun sets the highest standards and enjoys the reputation as being the originator of IP-rated Quartz infrared heating. As one of the largest and longest-established short-wave terrace and indoor heating manufacturers in the world Tansun have a product to satisfy all heating requirements.

Being a Tansun customer means guaranteed support from an international company who prides itself on its specialist manufacturing skills and technical abilities. As technology and markets change, Tansun is always at the forefront of product development and sourcing in order to meet new international standards and trends.

Our products are effective, reliable and offer value for money. With concern about climate change on the increase it is reassuring to know that our heaters utilise short-wave quartz technology, the most environmentally friendly form of heating as it is dimmable, instant.

The heaters are designed to offer optimum heat performance and can be enjoyed year-round either indoors, in otherwise hard-to-heat areas, or outside whilst entertaining family and friends in a relaxing environment.

Over 13 years ago Tansun, supported by Philips Lighting, developed the first quartz IP-rated weather resistant terrace heater - Tansun Algarve. We took the outdoor heating concept further and were the first company to design and produce a free-standing quartz patio heater – Tansun Riviera.

We continually research the latest materials and technological developments and only incorporate the best into our heater designs to produce a range of weatherproof and indoor heaters, control systems and bracketry to suit any number of commercial, domestic and industrial applications.

Our company has always sought to enhance the user experience, being the first to offer remote-operated heating controllers. Tansun’s latest range of terrace heaters combines the option of heat and light and can be remotely controlled from the comfort of your chair. Innovation is key to our success and we constantly strive to meet the changing needs of our customers.

At Tansun we offer a free heating design service, so should you need any advice, please do not hesitate to ask our trained staff who will be only too happy to help with any information you may require.