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Commercial Heating Solutions

Benefits of Tansun infrared heaters for commercial heating:

  • Tansun's commercial infrared heaters are economically efficient, powerful and easily able to heat large open plan areas.
  • Tansun's energy efficient quartz heaters use innovative infrared shortwave technology and so directly heat people, not just the air around.
  • Tansun offer a range of commercial infrared heaters that have been manufactured in the UK to effortlessly fit into any surrounding.
Tansun Sorrento Triple Infrared Heaters in Grey Heating up t

Tansun's quartz commercial infrared heaters are the perfect commercial heating solution, ideal for many large commercial space heating applications where reliability is paramount.

Here at Tansun, we understand the issues with heating commercial areas. With doors swinging open, large open areas, constant customer flow, and the need for a commercial heater that will fit effortlessly into the commercial surroundings, commercial heating is a real struggle for many businesses. 

Tansun offer an exceptional range of high quality commercial infrared heaters, that will not only add warmth to any commercial environment, but also add style and sophistication. The commercial infrared heaters are designed specifically to blend into your environments, and we also have the option of branding the infrared heater with your company colours and logo! This allows the commercial infrared heaters to be unobtrusive but still providing comforting warmth to all your customers.

Tansun Apollo A1B Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
Apollo - Infrared Heater Range

Perfect heating solution for industrial areas and large open spaces.

Tansun Apollo Recess Single Infrared Ceiling Heater in Black
Apollo Recess - Infrared Ceiling Heater Range

Ideal heating solution for offices and reception areas.

Bahama - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare quartz infrared heaters.

Eclipse - No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater Range

Energy efficient, stylish no glare ceramic infrared heaters.

Tansun Monaco Single Low Glare Infrared Heater In black
Monaco - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare quartz infrared heaters for all round use.

Tansun Rio Grande Single Weatherproof Infrared Heater in Bla
Rio Grande - Weatherproof Infrared Heater Range

Stylish, elegant weatherproof shortwave infrared heaters perfect for awnings and canopies.

Tansun Riviera Elite Infrared Free-Standing Heater in Black
Riviera Elite - Infrared Free-Standing Heater

Elegant free-standing weatherproof infrared heater offering greater versatility in heating.

Tansun Sorrento Single Commerical Infrared Heater in Black
Sorrento - Commercial Infrared Heater Range

Robust multipurpose weatherproof commercial quartz shortwave infrared heaters.