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Equestrian Heating Solutions

Benefits of Tansun infrared heaters for equestrian heating:

  • Tansun offer ultra low glare infrared heaters that provide many health benefits to the horses.
  • Tansun quartz infrared heaters can be safely wall or ceiling mounted above the horses.
  • Tansun's range of high quality infrared heaters are maintenance free and so can easily be installed and then forgotten about.

Tansun ultra low glare infrared heaters are the optimal equestrian heating solution, allowing the horses to benefit from comforting warmth over a larger area.

Keeping your horses warm and dry has never been more important to a horse breeder, rider or groomer. However, doing this efficiently and safely is key. Horses have sensitive eyes therefore high glare powerful heaters are not suitable for this particular sector. A gentle yet effective heating solution is needed, which can also be mounted far enough away from the horse so that it doesn’t come into contact with the horses, causing possible injury. 

Tansun’s ultra low glare equestrian heaters have had a fantastic response and are especially welcomed by breeders, groomers and veterinarians due to the unique low light infrared offering a number of health benefits to the horse. Unlike traditional infrared equestrian heaters, Tansun’s range is designed to be wall or ceiling mounted at high levels meaning horses benefit from comforting warmth over a much larger area. 

Our Tansun quartz infrared heaters are perfect for breeding as they increase blood circulation in both mares and stallions, which in turn can stimulate hormone production. Tansun have a range of equestrian packages available, so please ask to speak to a member of our sales team about these. 

Bahama - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare quartz infrared heaters.

Tansun Monaco Single Low Glare Infrared Heater In black
Monaco - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare quartz infrared heaters for all round use.