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Mobile Heating

Infrared heating is the most energy efficient way of providing mobile heat to those areas where heat is only needed for a certain period of time. The Tansun infrared mobile heaters give quick heat when needed without the hassle. It requires no pre-heating time, just simply plug in and switch on!

Tansun's infrared portable heaters are fitted with as standard, an anti-tilt device and lockable front wheels as an added safety feature. The heaters boast a sturdy stand as well as being epoxy powder coated which ensures great resistance against any knocks or chips the heater may get when being moved around. It is commonly said that portable heaters are costly to run, especially fan and gas heaters. Rest assured our mobile infrared heaters are energy efficient and work instantly, meaning no energy is wasted pre-heating. 

The high quality Tansun infrared mobile heaters are the perfect solution for your portable heating needs and gives reliable ‘spot’ heating in large areas. It can be precisely positioned to heat the required area directly rather than heating the air around the room. Mobile heaters can simply be moved by the user closer or further away from the dedicated areas to create required comfort heat in commercial and industrial environments. 

For more information about outdoor portable heating, please visit our "PORTABLE OUTDOOR HEATERS" page.

Tansun Beaver Portable Infrared Quartz Heater In Red
Beaver - Portable Infrared Heater

Light, robust infrared heater offering flexibility with emergency or spot heating.

Tansun Spotter Mobile Infrared Heater Front Profile in Red
Spotter - Mobile Infrared Heater

Robust mobile infrared heater ideal for spot or emergency heating.