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Tansun have infrared heaters to suit a wide range of applications.

Alfresco Dining Heating Solutions

Eating Alfresco can come with its problems, such as Mother Nature! More often than not, large open dining spaces outside of restaurants and cafes a...

Bar & Restaurant Heating Solutions

The importance of offering customers an alternative, trendy and inviting alfresco type eating or drinking areas has never been more important to th...

Church Heating Solutions

Churches are known for their extravagant buildings which usually have high ceilings and vast open spaces. This causes a problem when trying to heat...

Commercial Heating Solutions

Here at Tansun, we understand the issues with heating commercial areas. Doors swinging open, large areas, constant customer flow, and the need for ...

Factory & Warehouse Heating Solutions

Factories and warehouses are traditionally known to be some of the hardest areas to heat. With shutter doors constantly opening and closing and lar...

Hospital Heating Solutions

Hospitals are one of the most sterile environments you will find. There are lots of rules and regulations as to what technology especially HVAC tec...

Impossible to Heat Areas

Effective heating in certain situations can be impossible to achieve, but at Tansun we have provided viable solutions to many ‘Impossible’ to heat ...

Ski Resort Heating Solutions

Ski Resorts and heating are not two words you would usually put together in the same sentence, but for ski resort owners all around the world, heat...

Terrace Heating Solutions

Heating your terrace can be seen as a bit of a nightmare. You have to battle against the constant draughts that tend to blow away any kind of heat ...

Tansun heaters are used all over the world

"Tansun, pioneered the concept of infrared electric outdoor heating technology 30 years ago, and maintains an unrivalled reputation as world leaders in the development of indoor and outdoor quartz electric, infrared heaters."

Pete Rana mbe

Managing Director & global originator of infrared heating

All products designed and manufactured in the UK

Global brands have trusted us with thier heating solutions.

  • Tansun Heaters installed at manufacturing plant

  • Tansun Heaters installed at the Terminal 5 baggage area

  • Tansun heaters installed at outdoor seating areas in Austria

  • Tansun Heaters installed in outdoor drinking areas at Costa Coffee

  • Tansun Heaters installed in Hilton hotel outdoor dining areas

Case Studies

Tansun heaters are installed worldwide. Below are some installation examples.

  • Piccolino- Birmingham

    Piccolino restaurant, Birmingham

  • Ski Resort- Austria

    Ski Resort in Austrian Mountains

  • Planit Events

    Planit Events, London