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Office Heaters

Tansun have developed an innovative range of energy-efficient infrared heaters perfect for office heating.

Heating offices in the past used to be inefficient and costly. The main solution previously was convection heating, which had to be turned on a few hours before the heating was required, especially for large open spaces. This resulted in high heating costs, particularly in the colder months.

Regular service and maintenance is also a real issue with convection heating, further increasing costs. Tansun have understood these issues and thus have developed the ideal office heating solution.

Tansun infrared office heaters

As a UK manufacturer of infrared heaters for over 30 years, Tansun have devised a range of high quality infrared heaters that solve all the previous issues of office heating. All the many benefits of Tansun’s infrared heaters result in an effective heating solution that significantly reduce average office heating costs.

Benefits of Tansun office heaters include:

Instantaneous heat – the heaters provide comforting heat as soon as switched on

Economical & efficient – infrared waves directly heat areas so no heat is wasted and heating costs are minimised

Maintenance free – the heaters require no service or maintenance

Easy to install – often in office environments, pipe work is required and objects are blocked for heating systems to be installed but Tansun infrared heaters overcome this problem and use high quality materials, making the heaters robust and lightweight.

Tansun Apollo Recess Single infrared office heater installed in ceiling of office reception area

Apollo Recess Heater Range

The innovative range of Apollo Recess heaters are known as the infrared ‘ceiling heaters,’ strategically placed to heat certain areas. These economical ceiling heaters are the perfect heating solution for large indoor areas.

Eclipse Heater Range

The no glare range of Eclipse infrared heaters can be mounted on adjustable brackets, allowing the heat to be directed exactly where it is required. These office heaters contain long-life and durable ceramic elements, and its sleek luxurious design means it is excellent for office heating.

Tansun Apollo Recess Single Infrared Ceiling Heater in Black
Apollo Recess - Infrared Ceiling Heater Range

Ideal heating solution for offices and reception areas.

Tansun Eclipse Double No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater in Black
Eclipse - No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater Range

Energy efficient, stylish no glare ceramic infrared heaters.