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Outdoor Heating

Tansun pioneered the concept of 'Infrared Electric Outdoor Heating' technology over 30 years ago, and since then have maintained an unrivalled reputation as world leaders in indoor and outdoor infrared quartz heating. Infrared outdoor heaters overcome the most significant challenges of heating outdoors with innovative technology that warms outdoor spaces far more efficiently than convection heaters.

Tansun's full shortwave infrared outdoor heaters have become a staple in modern outdoor heating, outdoor dining and smoking areas of pubs, bars and restaurants. Our energy efficient infrared heaters are now so advanced they have become both the most economical and environmental way to keep people warm and comfortable outdoors. It has become a necessity for restaurants to offer this type of outdoor heating in their alfresco dining areas.

The shortwave technology works just like the sunshine and gives you instant warmth as soon as switched on. Tansun infrared heaters warm people and objects within the beam and not the air in-between; this therefore resulting in an enjoyably fresh rather than stuffy environment. Through rigorous testing and extensive research and development, all of our quartz outdoor heaters are IP rated and can operate in various climatic conditions, so there’s no worry about them being left outside all year round. Our high quality quartz infrared heaters are robust, reliable and add style to any environment; so whatever the location, whatever the budget - Tansun will have a infrared heater suited to your outdoor heating needs. 

Bahama - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare quartz infrared heaters.

Tansun Monaco Single Low Glare Infrared Heater In black
Monaco - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare quartz infrared heaters for all round use.

Tansun Rio Grande Single Weatherproof Infrared Heater in Bla
Rio Grande - Weatherproof Infrared Heater Range

Stylish, elegant weatherproof shortwave infrared heaters perfect for awnings and canopies.

Close up Shot of Tansun Riviera Elite Free Standing Infrared
Riviera Elite - Infrared Free-Standing Heater Tall free-standing weatherproof heater useful for heating large open spaces.
Tansun Sorrento Single Commerical Infrared Heater in Black
Sorrento - Commercial Infrared Heater Range

Robust multipurpose weatherproof commercial quartz shortwave infrared heaters.

Tansun Rio IP Weatherproof Infrared Heater in Black
Rio IP - Weatherproof Infrared Heater Compact weatherproof heater perfect for parasols and domestic applications.