Tansun Rip iP

Outdoor Infrared heater

Weatherproof. Suitable for all Seasons.
Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use.
Easy to Install. Includes Mounting Bracket.
Economical. Efficient. Instant Heat.

The Tansun RIO IP is a slim, weatherproof heater, suitable for a variety of applications. The RIO IP is compatible with a range of Tansun brackets for use with awnings, umbrellas, and windscreens. It is also compatible with Tansun dimmers for total heat control.

Heating Applications: Conservatories, Summerhouses, Patios, Terraces,  Swimming Pools, Spas, Reception Areas, Amusement Parks, Smoking Areas, Bars, Restaurants, Workshops, Garages, Golf Areas and many more.

Tansun Rio IP Heat Area
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Tansun Rio IP Waterproof Rating
Tansun Rio IP Mounting
Tansun Rio IP Weight
Tansun Rio IP Black
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  • Technical
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Rio IP Features

  • High quality lightweight aluminium extrusion body
  • Spectral quality smooth parabolic aluminium reflector
  • Side reflectors for added heat output
  • Universal burning HeLeN Gold lamp which can be mounted either at an angle or horizontally
  • Incorporates die cast heat sinks assists for internal cooling.
  • Louvred safety guards fitted as standard
  • Bracket allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment

Rio IP Technical

Available Kw 1.5kW
Heat up to
Lamp Life Up to 7,000 hrs
Weatherproof Yes
IP Rating IP24
Mounting Angular/Horizontal
Available Colour Black / White / Silver
Min Mounting Height 2.0m
Weight 2.35Kg
Dimensions W x H x D 390mm x 100mm x 155mm

Rio IP Control Options

Unique variable controllers provide full heat variability to heated areas, allowing full flexibility, maximum comfort and efficient energy saving.
  • 4kW and 6kW power options
  • Remote control with 6m/20ft range, power ON/OFF key and soft touch control panels for heat variability
  • Indoor mounted main base unit with power ON/OFF key, LED heat output display (variable 30-100%) and soft touch control panels for heat variability

Rio IP Applications

  • Amusement parks
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Conservatories
  • Golf driving ranges
  • Patios & terraces
  • Reception areas
  • Smoking areas
  • Swimming pools & spas
  • Summerhouses