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Zero Glare Heating

Zero glare heaters are designed for applications and settings where the light given out by conventional shortwave heaters is distracting and not welcome. Tansun offer a range of zero glare ceramic heaters that have been specifically designed for those areas where no light pollution is wanted. The quartz infrared heaters use a medium-wave heat and are most commonly used in schools, colleges, offices and film studios. Due to the infrared heaters being ceramic, there are no glass elements within the heaters therefore they are ideal for applications where glass is prohibited such as hospitals and catering environments.

The heat given out by our ceramic range of no glare heaters is a gentle medium-wave heat and they are ideally used in enclosed/semi-enclosed environments. The market leader for ceramic infrared zero glare heating is our Tansun Eclipse. The latest in design and engineering, the Tansun Eclipse incorporates the most advanced ceramic heating technology, which gives the heater 35% more energy efficiency than others of its kind. 

Tansun Eclipse Double No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater
Eclipse - No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater Range

Energy efficient, stylish no glare ceramic infrared heaters.

Tansun Sorrento Ceramic Single No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater In Black
Sorrento Ceramic - No Glare Infrared Heater Range

Robust multipurpose no glare ceramic medium wave infrared heaters.