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Cashmores Metals Ltd


Based in Walsall, Cashmores is the UK’s largest independent aluminium and stainless steel coil processor and distributor. Having invested in world-leading processing technology, Cashmores has been able to meet a wide range of needs - from small specialist manufacturers needing customised product to high volume users.


Cashmores occupies a large set of buildings with the typical factory characteristics of high roofs and poor insulation. Prior to Tansun’s involvement, much of the Company’s heating was via kerosene floor heaters. As well as being expensive to run, the Site’s six metre roller shutter doors being open throughout the day meant that any heat generated by the floor heaters was quickly lost.

Note: If required, Tansun can offer a free heating bespoke design service.


Following discussions and a site survey, Tansun’s  Apollo infrared heaters in black were chosen as the most suitable solution for the factory.

18  A1A and 8 A1J Apollo infrared heaters were selected for the factory’s very high ceilings.


To maximise efficiency and effectiveness some of the heaters were ceiling-mounted whilst others were fixed above individual workstations to give 'spot' heat to staff. 

The infrared heaters are controlled via localised switches for individual zones, which provide instant heat and allows workers to control the heating in areas only when and where required, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.


The installation of the Tansun heaters has gone down well with staff and management alike. Nick Godward, Production Engineer at Cashmores Metals, commented;

“Our sister company The Metal Centre did the research when they were looking to upgrade their heating and it was on their recommendation that we contacted Tansun. The benefit of the heaters is the localised heating, as we no longer have to heat vast areas that are sometimes unoccupied. The installation was another factor in choosing Tansun, and the parts are similar to a lamp in a light fitting."

"The staff are pleased with the heaters and we have found the energy usage is negligible in comparison to the kerosene floor heaters we had before. They were very ineffective and with our six-metre roller shutter doors being opened throughout the day the heat that had generated would dissipate very quickly. We would recommend Tansun to others as a cost-effective alternative to ambient heaters because of the easiness of the process and the savings.”

"We estimate a saving on last year’s energy bills including initial start-up costs, purchase, installation and running costs, of approx. £90,000 since its installation in November 2018. We were using up to £30,000 per month in kerosene alone." Nick Godward, Production Engineer at Cashmores Metals