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Ramp 1 Skate Park - Warrington


Based in Warrington in Cheshire, RAMP 1 is one of Europe’s largest indoor skateboard, BMX, scooter and inline sports facilities. Spanning 50,000 square feet, RAMP 1 hosts nine different areas for beginners, under-10s, BMX riders. It features a huge 112ft long bowl, a 40ft skateable tunnel and a 165ft Las Vegas-themed street plaza. 


The facility's large floor area, together with its high ceiling meant that the owners had previously struggled to come up with a heating solution that kept its many visitors warm but was affordable.

We surveyed the building and with our specialist trained staff, carefully designed a heating scheme taking into account all the various important factors. These included usage patterns, aesthetic considerations, power availability and where the heaters would be best situated based on the requirements and needs of the skate park. 

Note: If required, Tansun can offer a free heating bespoke design service.


Following discussions and a site survey, Tansun’s  Apollo infrared heaters were chosen as the most suitable solution for the skate park. 

The Apollo range was designed to solve heating issues in large open areas such as the skate park. Other applications include warehouses, aircraft hangars and places of worship. With more than 30 models to choose from, the product has been part of the Tansun range for more than 30 years.

The heaters come with high power options, special long-lasting aluminium reflectors, a focused energy beam and a high intensity heat, which due to the highly engineered construction and design have significant advantages over other forms of heating for large open spaces.

Tansun Apollo A1 K Infrared Heater

Eight Apollo A1K infrared heaters were installed and are controlled via localised switches for individual zones allowing visitors to control the heating in areas only when and where required, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.


The new heaters have gone down well with both the skate parks owners and the skaters. Neisha Smith, Manager at Ramp1 commented;

“The heaters are cost-friendly and easy to use and we simply switch them on when we need them. They benefit us as the café area can be very cold, so having the heaters there make customers feel warm and welcome.”

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"The skate park is a very large open space so we are finding the heaters work well, and we are very happy with the results. We would recommend Tansun heaters to others looking to achieve a more direct-acting and efficient heating solution." Neisha Smith, Manager, Ramp 1