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Animal House Heating

Tansun's range of robust high quality infrared heaters give off infrared heat that do not cause the animals any harm, but the infrared heat still directly reaches the skin of the animals.

Animal enclosures are there to keep the animal safe, warm, fed and watered. The main objective for an animal keeper is the animal’s well-being, therefore a cold enclosure is not good for the animals. It can inhibit breeding within the animals, as well as causing distress to the animals.

Many traditional heaters on the market are not suitable for this heating sector due to them making the enclosures too stuffy by constantly pumping out hot air into the environment. Not only this, but the traditional heaters cannot be mounted too high as they are not powerful enough for the heating effects to be felt by the animals below.

Infrared Animal House Heaters

Tansun have the perfect solution for animal house heating. Tansun offer a range of robust high quality infrared heaters that can be mounted at heights above the animals so they can still feel the necessary heating effects below. The infrared heat penetrates the animal’s skin directly, and therefore doesn’t heat the air around them making the atmosphere stuffy for them.

All Tansun quartz infrared heaters are compatible with a range of energy saving controllers, so these high quality quartz infrared heaters can be switched on and off to the animal keeper's recommendations.

Benefits of Tansun infrared heaters for animal house heating:

  • Tansun offer a wide range of quartz infrared heaters, ideal for heating large open spaces.
  • Tansun quartz heaters use infrared heat that does not cause any harm to the animals, unlike traditional heaters which tend to be in full reach of the animal, causing potential injuries.
  • Due to Tansun heaters using infrared shortwave technology, the air around the animals is not heated and so the environment is not left too stuffy and uncomfortable for the animals, unlike traditional gas heaters.

Tansun Apollo A1B Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
Apollo - Infrared Heater Range

Perfect heating solution for industrial areas and large open spaces.

Tansun Sorrento Commercial Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
Sorrento - Commercial Infrared Heater Range

Robust multipurpose weatherproof commercial shortwave infrared heaters.