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The Laundrette Restaurant - Manchester

How Tansun infrared heaters provide comforting warmth to The Laundrette Restaurant in Macnhester

The Laundrette restaurant has opened its doors in Manchester after achieving great success at its Chorlton restaurant. The restaurant has been fitted with Tansun infrared heaters to encourage diners to eat outside all year round.


The new Laundrette restaurant has an outdoor dining area which customers thoroughly enjoy but in the colder months, the outdoor dining area usually remains empty. Making the terrace warm and inviting has been a priority for the restaurant.


Tansun’s Monaco low glare infrared heaters, with a range of up to 36 square metres, were the ideal heating product for ensuring the restaurant’s guests are always comfortable.


The Laundrette has installed 13 black Monaco Double heaters on their large south facing terrace so that their customers can enjoy their creative cocktails both indoors and out. The high quality infrared heaters are wall-mounted at The Laundrette, but can also be hung and are suitable for awnings.


The Monaco heater’s versatility makes it the ideal choice for The Laundrette, able to heat the restaurant’s large outdoor area with its powerful ultra-low glare. Its slick design is perfect for bars, restaurants, commercial areas and terraces.

Monaco infrared heaters come with a two-year warranty, glare-reducing gold reflectors, energy efficient low glare lamps and mounting brackets as standard. They can be controlled with a remote or presence detector to easily adjust the heat output and energy consumption when needed.

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"We are very pleased with Tansun heaters; they are fantastic quality and reliable pieces of equipment. We are so impressed with the quality and performance that we will continue to use them throughout our business venture. They are by far the best on the market!" Directors Jon Charles and Patrick Hall