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Low Carbon Heating


What is Low Carbon Heating?

Low carbon heating is a system which is gaining increased momentum as businesses seek to decarbonise their current heating solutions by 2050. Referring to the practice of heating which releases little to no carbon into the external atmosphere, low carbon heating aims to move away from traditional forms of carbon-intensive heating which utilise fossil fuels (gas and oil) in favour of more sustainable sources.

Low Carbon Heating Options

Across the UK, heating accounts for 37% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions making it paramount for businesses to take action to reduce commercial impacts. Though heat pumps, biomass and underfloor heating are all examples of possible solutions, all of these come with substantial installation costs and ongoing maintenance requirements which prohibit affordability for many organisations. Additional infrastructural barriers for existing building stock when discussing the viability of heat pumps or underfloor heating is another concern given their inconsistent performance when retrofitting.

Electric infrared heating is a technology garnering fresh attention in the industry, as an energy-efficient and low carbon form of heating. Utilising electricity and the practice of targeted, directional heat only where and when needed, infrared heating is a low carbon solution that offers full flexibility in its operation according to your building occupancy habits. It also requires zero pre-heating and isn’t impacted by changes in air movement such as draughts. For example, if a loading bay is occupied 40% of the time, the heating needs to only be switched on during those precise hours of operation in that exact area without worrying about heat loss near shutter doors. Fossil fuel heating is more wasteful and will heat the whole volume of space, using more energy and more carbon.

Low Carbon Heating Systems – Choosing Infrared

  • Environmentally friendly – you will reduce your business carbon footprint significantly on the route to decarbonisation. Infrared heating can be paired with other forms of renewable energy and strategies including solar panels and net zero tariffs
  • High efficiency – with a direct transfer of heat radiated, very little energy is wasted which optimises heating potential
  • Zoned heating – with a direct line of sight, heat can be targeted to areas where needed especially in areas which are susceptible to heat loss e.g. poorly insulated spaces or near doors
  • Cost savings – with low set up costs, zero pre-heating and zero maintenance, infrared heating is a low carbon solution which benefits net zero goals and business energy saving measures

Tansun’s range of infrared heaters are fully electric and specifically designed to provide a low carbon heating solution for businesses on the road to net zero in industrial applications such as warehouses, factories and churches.

Low Carbon Heating Systems – Choosing Tansun Infrared

As a UK manufacturer of infrared heating systems for over 40 years, Tansun have consistently shaped some of the most game-changing innovations on the market for full flexibility and larger energy saving gains.

  • 100% efficiency at source – using superior British components, our heaters are engineered on-site at our production facility to achieve a fully optimised heat output with minimal levels of heat loss.
  • Smarter controls – with programmable timers, precision thermostats. presence detectors and a fully automated control system, Tansun heating systems can match your exact occupancy habits for a hassle-free low carbon heating system
  • Bespoke and adjustable brackets – Tansun components for improved heat placement are not limited to our current range, we offer fully customisable and bespoke options for precise heat delivery according to your exact space

How to Convert to Low Carbon Heating?

Choosing the right low carbon heating solution depends on a number of factors, including the size and fabric of the building, surrounding climate, usage habits and budget.

With some of the best experts in the game, Tansun offer a free heating design service which will provide optimal heating outcomes using our heaters. Our R&D and consulting teams work together to produce a scheme which best suits your particular heating requirements based on all of the information you re able to provide us with.

To reinforce our credentials we have been assessed independently and fully comply with ISO 9001 standards for quality management and commitment to continuous improvement. Our heaters also come with full UKCA and EU certification for electrical safety compliance in a commercial setting.

Ready to decarbonise and make the switch to low carbon heating using infrared? Our friendly team are ready to help. Choose Tansun today to discuss your requirements.

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Tansun Apollo A1B Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
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