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Links Gymnastics, Windsor Berkshire

British Gymnastics affiliated club find swift warmth and cost-effective efficiency with Tansun’s infrared heating systems, as part of a new commercial fit out project.

Links Gymnastics Club is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to the growth and development of gymnastics in the community of Berkshire. The gymnastics club sought an efficient heating solution for their new 4420 sq. ft. gymnastics facility in Windsor, Berkshire. Tansun’s infrared heating systems proved to be the ideal choice, delivering instant warmth and energy efficiency for gymnasts and members year-round especially during the colder months. 

With remote control and effective heat adjustment capabilities (dimming), the system has seamlessly integrated into the artistic gymnastic club’s operations, surpassing expectations and resulting in lower-than-budgeted electrical costs.


Links Gymnastics undertook a new facility fit-out project and contacted Tansun to benefit from a FREE heating design service. One of our energy consultants visited the site and conducted a thorough assessment of the club considering usage patterns, power availability and optimal heater placement within the space. This ensured that the heating solution presented aligned perfectly with the gym’s requirements before they opened the doors to new and current members.

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After a comprehensive evaluation, survey and design scheme, Tansun recommended a combination of 6 single-phase Apollo 4.5kW Heaters, 3 Sorrento 1.3kW Ceramic No Glare Heaters and 6.5kW manual Tansun controls plus remote controls for the project. Our Apollo range is especially designed for larger space heating, offering unrivalled reliability, high efficiency and ease of installation. Our zero light ceramic heaters are a medium-wave option best for environments where no glare or visible light is preferred. All our heaters are maintenance-free with no obligation for servicing which made them all the more attractive for Links Gymnastics as an appropriate heating solution for their 4420 sq. ft. facility.


The installation process also included the fitting of manual energy saving controllers which not only ensured better energy savings but also seamlessly promoted the complete fit-out of Links Gymnastics new facility into easy to use individual zones that can now switch on, operate and dim the heaters in areas only when and where required when zones are occupied, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and delivering better running costs.

On a whole, the system for the gymnastics club was chosen as part of a complete flexible solution to provide swift warmth, energy efficiency, ease of use and low glare gentler heating in specific areas where and when needed for gymnasts.


Following the implementation of Tansun’s infrared heating systems, Links Gymnastics have experienced remarkable results. The system works flawlessly and efficiently, maintaining a warm environment even during colder days. The gymnastics club have also observed lower than budgeted electrical costs, indicating significant energy savings from the additional energy-saving control system.

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"The heating system works extremely quickly and efficiently. The remote controlled system is excellent and the ability to adjust the heat works well. The heaters were delivered on time and were easy to fit by a qualified electrician. The system is extremely easy to use, quick, and keeps the gym warm even on the coldest of days. We have not previously had a heating system; however, to date, our electrical costs are lower than budgeted. Overall Satisfaction Rating: 10/10" Anna Linklater, Founder & Director of Links Gymnastics