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Precautionary Voluntary Action - Iridium

This notice refers to all versions of the Tansun Iridium Panel heaters purchased during the period 2019 –2020. 

This covers the 600 (smallest), 900 (medium) and 1200 (largest) series. The product model numbers this relates to are:

  • RHP60X60WHT 
  • RHP60X90WHT 
  • RHP60X120WHT 
  • PHM60X60WHT 
  • PHM60X90WHT 
  • PHM60X120WHT 

Please note: If you have a product model number where the last three digits of the model are not ‘WHT’ these products are still included in this program. 

This does not relate to any Tansun panel heaters purchased in 2021. 

Tansun have become aware that there is a component in the panel heaters which can on rare occasions fail. When it does the panel heater may stay on and run continuously causing the heater temperature to go above a level which it is designed for. 

When this happens the heater may become very hot to touch and after a period of time emit a burning smell and smoke. There is no evidence to suggest the heater becomes a fire hazard in these instances, but there is an increased risk of burns if the product is touched, particularly where it may be at a height where it is accessible to young children. They should be used with increased vigilance. If the heaters show any signs of overheating or smoke, they should be turned off immediately by isolating them from the electrical supply.

Action to take: 

Tansun are conducting a voluntary replacement program on all the Iridium panel heaters purchased during the period 2019 – 2020. If you have one of these products please contact us at and simply let us know you wish to participate in the voluntary replacement program to exchange your panel heaters along with the following information: 

  • Where you purchased your Tansun Iridium Panel Heaters from  
  • The date purchased 
  • The number of units you have and the models (600, 900 or 1200 series) 
  • Full name 
  • Contact number 

To help you further identify which models you have the dimensions of each heater are listed below in mm 

  • 600 series (smallest size): 595 x 595 x 38 
  • 900 series (medium size): 595 x 895 x 38 
  • 1200 series (largest size): 595 x 1195 x 38 

We will then make arrangements with you for the replacement products. You will need to return the old panel heaters to Tansun and these will be exchanged with free like for like replacement of the updated model which will not contain the component which could be potentially faulty. 

We strongly urge you participate in this program via the contact method indicated, or if you have any questions on this matter please let us know at


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