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Church of ST Mary - Limington, Somerset

Tansun infrared heaters are providing comforting warmth to all visitors at the Church of Saint Mary

The Church of Saint Mary is a Grade 1 listed building set a few mile outside of Yeovil in Limington, Somerset. The building dates back to the 14th Century and heating it seemed like a constant uphill struggle for the parish.


The church of Saint Mary were after a heating solution to keep their congregation warm during service. They needed an energy efficient heating solution that didn’t take hours to pre-heat.

One of the main requirements from the church was a low glare option. They didn’t like the idea of a “harsh” red/orange light being given out when the service was going on. Not only this but they wanted the heaters to blend into the church as much as possible, so RAL colour options were discussed.


After discussing their requirements in-depth with our sales team at Tansun, they chose the low glare Monaco range of infrared heaters in Ivory. This quartz infrared heater is part of the Tansun ‘Ambient Series’ and is a powerful yet low glare option. Its design allows it to heat large areas, both indoors and outdoors.

It is the perfect choice of heater for any environment where a good level of heat output is required but with much less glare normally associated with powerful infrared heaters.


Six of Monaco Triple, two of Monaco Double and one Monaco Single were delivered to the church in Somerset. The powerful infrared heaters were installed with ease and were hardly noticeable with the RAL colour matching the colour theme of the church.


A happy congregation! The high quality  infrared heaters were turned on as soon as the congregation came in, giving off instant heat and not requiring any pre-heating time whatsoever. 

The church were pleasantly surprised with the low glare that was emitted from the  infrared heaters as they had always associated infrared heating with a harsh red glow.

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1 Grade 1 Listed Building
9 Heaters Installed
"The heaters are cost friendly and easy to use. We just simply switch them on when the congregation come into the church, then switch off after. No more waiting around for hours to pre-heat the church to a comfortable temperature." Church of St Mary - Vicar