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Monaco Double Ultra RC

Combining Comfort Controlled Heat With Style

Side-on image of Tansun Monaco Double Ultra RC Heater
Side-on image of Tansun Monaco Double Ultra RC Heater
Side-on image of Tansun Monaco Double Ultra RC Heater
  • Description


    "Designed to Heat Larger Commercial Outdoor Areas"

    The Monaco Double Ultra with built-in control and timer features has been designed with energy saving in mind, designed to heat large outdoor areas with the capabilities to reduce heat to individuals' comfort levels when required.

    The dual Ultra Low Glare (ULG) technology provides the best in low light heating. The unit is fitted with large gold anti-glare reflectors that are designed to project intense infrared heat into dedicated outdoor spaces without flooding the area with unwanted light. Mainly used in commercial hospitality settings, this IP-rated double unit is available in 3.0kW & 4.0kW variations. When you need maximum heat performance in total exposed areas that can be controlled to your comfort setting the double Monaco is the heater for you.

    Key Features

    - 3.0 kW (2 X 1.5 kW Dual Low Glare Technology
    - Controllability Dimming and Timer Features
    - Designed to Heat Larger Commercial Outdoor Areas
    - Available in any RAL Colour (Optional Extra)
    - High Performance Full Shortwave Infrared

    Part of Tansun's Comfort Range

    The Tansun comfort heat range offers 100% energy efficiency. Most of all the electrical energy produced is turned into infrared heat, this is due to the high-end precision engineering of the products together with the performance of the top of the range ULG (ultra-low glare) heating elements. Bringing the highest functionality, efficiency together with clean stylish aesthetics makes the new range of Tansun heaters rivalled by no other.

  • Technical


    All technical information and product data is supplied as a guide only and subject to change without prior notice.

    Model Voltage Total Power (Watts) Total Power (kW) Minimum Mounting Floor Height (m) Minimum Distance From Ceiling (m) Minimum Distance From Side Wall (m) Weight Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
    SORD-030RC 230V 2 x 1500 3.0 2.0 0.19 1.0 5.6 kg 1010 x 140 x 230
  • Accessories


    Ultimate Energy Savings

    The Monaco Double Ultra RC comes with integrated controllability built in and remote, so does not require any other controllers