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Parasol Heating

Restaurant Outdoor Eating Area with Parasols with Infrared Heaters

Parasol heaters are a great way to bring comfortable heat right to the table of outdoor dining spaces and pub gardens.

Parasol heating has previously been a real struggle as they have strong metal structures that most conventional heaters find hard to adapt to. This is due to the heaters not having the suitable brackets for the application, therefore the heater is not able to sit correctly underneath the parasol.

Create comfortable year-round outdoor spaces

Tansun have devised a range of infrared heaters specifically for the sunshade market. 

The quartz infrared heaters are compact yet robust and highly effective. They come with a range of bracketry specially suited to fit underneath umbrellas and are available in any RAL colour required. 

This helps the weatherproof heaters to blend in with the umbrella and any colour scheme that the outdoor area may have, ideal for patio and terrace heating.

Tansun's range of quartz shortwave infrared heaters directly heat the people and objects, instead of allowing the heat to rise and warm up the air above. Tansun's range of infrared heaters fit most domestic and commercial canopies, awnings and umbrellas.

Benefits of Tansun infrared heaters for parasol heating

  • Weatherproof: Tansun offer a range of high quality weatherproof infrared heaters that are fully IP rated, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Tailored: Tansun's quartz infrared heaters are robust, lightweight and so are able to fit underneath the parasols comfortably. Tansun have a range of brackets that accompany the infrared heaters, making it very easy to install the heaters.
  • Windproof: Tansun's heaters use infrared shortwave technology and so the infrared heat is not affected by the wind, perfect for canopy heating.
  • Space-saving: Tansun's parasol heaters are mounted directly under parasols. This means that floor-standing heaters are not needed. This frees up valuable floor space, leaving more space in the patio area for paying covers.
  • Highly efficient: Infrared is a remarkably energy-efficient form of heating where energy conversion rates are around 98%. Typically an infrared heater is 40% of the size of a conventional heater yet will still produce the same level of warmth. This means a 400W infrared heater for example will produce the same amount of heat as a 1kW conventional heater.
  • Environmentally-friendly: With climate change a global priority, it is reassuring that, unlike traditional gas patio heaters, Tansun heaters emit no direct C02 or NOx emissions. And when combined with green energy tariffs, they offer the potential for a zero-emissions point-of-use solution.
  • Controllable: The heaters can be controlled by time lag switches or remote controllers such as the Tansun Digital Thermostat.
  • Wide range of brackets: No two parasols are the same so we have developed a wide range of brackets to ensure that your heaters can be mounted safely and securely. You can mount our heaters to the parasol's central pole or cross members. (add a link to the bracketry page)


Tansun has an extensive range of heaters designed to work with all types of umbrellas, awnings, and parasols. We offer expert guidance and support to help you specify the perfect combination of heater and bracketry for your outdoor area.

Rio Grande Weatherproof Heater


Rio Grande is a stylish and fully weatherproof infrared heater that provides discreet and effective heat and can be used all year round. It comes with a safety guard fitted as standard. This popular weatherproof infrared heater comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Rio IP - Weatherproof

The Rio IP is an ideal choice when you need a year-round heating solution that can keep patrons warm and cozy- no matter the weather. 


Tansun Rio Grande Single Weatherproof Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
Rio Grande - Weatherproof Infrared Heater Range

Stylish, elegant weatherproof shortwave infrared heaters perfect for awnings and canopies.

Tansun Rio IP Weatherproof Infrared Heater Front in Black
Rio IP - Weatherproof Infrared Heater

Fully weatherproof lightweight infrared heater with a superior parabolic reflector.

Tansun Bahama Single Low Glare Infrared Quartz Heater
Bahama - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare infrared heaters.