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Parasol Heating

Restaurant Outdoor Eating Area with Parasols with Infrared Heaters

Tansun's parasol heating solutions couple high quality infrared heaters with custom designed bracketry specially suited to fit underneath umbrellas.

Parasol heating has previously been a real struggle as they have strong metal structures that most conventional heaters find hard to adapt to. This is due to the heaters not having the suitable brackets for the application, therefore the heater is not able to sit correctly underneath the parasol.

Create comfortable year-round outdoor spaces

Tansun have devised a range of infrared heaters specifically for the sunshade market. 

The quartz infrared heaters are compact yet robust and highly effective. They come with a range of bracketry specially suited to fit underneath umbrellas and are available in any RAL colour required. 

This helps the weatherproof heaters to blend in with the umbrella and any colour scheme that the outdoor area may have, ideal for patio and terrace heating.

Tansun's range of quartz shortwave infrared heaters directly heat the people and objects, instead of allowing the heat to rise and warm up the air above. Tansun's range of infrared heaters fit most domestic and commercial canopies, awnings and umbrellas.

Benefits of Tansun infrared heaters for parasol heating:

  • Tansun offer a range of high quality weatherproof infrared heaters that are fully IP rated, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Tansun's quartz infrared heaters are robust, lightweight and so are able to fit underneath the parasols comfortably.
  • Tansun have a range of brackets that accompany the infrared heaters, making it very easy to install the  heaters
  • Tansun's quartz heaters use infrared shortwave technology and so the infrared heat is not affected by the wind, perfect for canopy heating.

Tansun Rio Grande Single Weatherproof Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
Rio Grande - Weatherproof Infrared Heater Range

Stylish, elegant weatherproof shortwave infrared heaters perfect for awnings and canopies.

Tansun Rio IP Weatherproof Infrared Heater Front in Black
Rio IP - Weatherproof Infrared Heater

Fully weatherproof lightweight infrared heater with a superior parabolic reflector.