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Ski Resort - Austria

How Tansun infrared heaters increased profits of a ski resort's restaurant in Austria

Rolling mountains and breathtaking views, you would think that this Ski Resort embedded in the Austrian mountains really did have it all. We were wrong! They were missing an efficient heating solution for their dining and drinking area. They came to Tansun for the heating solution.


The ski resort in Austria contacted Tansun Germany about a problem they had with their drinking and dining area on the slopes. It was too cold! The resort itself is 2,500 metres above sea level with a lot of very icy cold days. They had tried traditional gas ‘mushroom’ heaters, and these were not powerful enough.

The cold wind was taking the hot air away, therefore their customers did not feel the benefit. The gas heaters were also taking up too much floor space in their mountain top restaurant. They needed an effective heating solution…fast.


After talks with the customer, the final heating solution was four Monaco Double infrared heaters mounted from the ceiling. The customer wanted a professional heating solution that would fit in with the high end theme of his mountain top restaurant/bar but still to have the heating power so his customers would feel the benefits when switched on.

His restaurant was also very popular at night, therefore he didn’t want too much glow emitted from the infrared heaters so he went for the ultra-low glare Monaco infrared heaters with Tansun's gold reflector technology built in.

Tansun Monaco Double electric infrared heater in black

The infrared heaters were delivered to site and the ski resort's appointed electrician fitted the weatherproof Monaco Double infrared heaters on the ceiling using Tansun brackets, with ease.


Comfortable customers and profit increase! Since installing the ultra-low glare infrared heaters in his restaurant's outdoor area, more customers were choosing to sit outside to dine and take in the breathtaking views of the Austrian mountains.

This resulted in more available space inside the restaurant, which therefore increased the profits of the ski resort's restaurant as there was more dining space to invite more customers into.

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"No matter what the weather, snow or wind, my customers enjoy dining and drinking outside. The views are not to be missed, and now they can be warmed whilst taking in their surroundings. The heaters are not affected by the strong mountain winds, unlike our old gas heaters." Ski Resort Manager