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Technical - Infrared Quartz Heaters

Here at Tansun, we get asked a lot about what makes our quartz infrared heaters so energy efficient? How do we know we are going to save you substantial amounts on your heating bills? We understand the confusion and that is why we have put together a comprehensive technical section covering all questions we hope that you may have about this innovative technology. 

In the articles below, we cover the different types of infrared heating from shortwave (quartz) to long wave (far) infrared heating. IP ratings are fully explained and what they really mean to you as a consumer. Tansun's official guideline to buying an infrared heater and what to look out for as well as other topics such as Zonal Controlling, Green Energy and Heating Comparisons are also included.

If you haven’t found your question has been answered by any of our informative articles, then please just head to our FAQs page where we have more information or feel free to contact us with your questions.