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Hamilton Gymnastics Club

Renowned Gymnastics Club Installs Tansun Infrared Heaters In New Premises

Tansun infrared space heaters have been installed at the new Hamilton Gymnastics Club facility in Glasgow to keep its many gymnasts warm throughout the year, particularly during the cold Scottish winters.


Starting life with only a handful of children in 2007, the renowned Hamilton Gymnastic Club now has more than 1,200 members and has been transformed into a state-of-the-art gymnastics facility.

Now one of the largest in Scotland, the club runs classes in numerous sporting centres in South Lanarkshire, with the most recent addition being a purpose-designed facility at Blantyre Industrial Estate. Its new premises have been carefully designed to incorporate a range of specialist equipment for all abilities to enjoy, but required an efficient and cost-saving heating system to provide warmth to everyone in the gymnastics club.


Following discussions and a site survey, Tansun’s  Apollo infrared heaters were chosen as the most suitable solution for the premises.

The Apollo range was designed to solve heating issues in large and problem areas such as  gymnasiumswarehousesaircraft hangars and places of worship, and with more than 30 models to choose from, this established product has been proven by Tansun for 25 years or more. The heaters come with high power options, special long-lasting aluminium reflectors, a focused energy beam and a high intensity heat; which due to the highly engineered construction and design can’t be rivalled by other forms of heating for large open spaces.

Apollo heaters are available in 1kW to 18kW versions to heat areas up to 79sq.m, and they can be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling. Tansun infrared heaters also benefit from a two-year warranty.

Tansun Apollo infrared space heaters installed on the ceiling and walls of the Hamilton Gymnasium Club facility

34 Apollo three phase 4.5kW heaters and 18 Apollo single phase 1.5kW heaters were installed at the gymnastics club. The infrared space heaters are also controlled via localised switches for individual zones allowing visitors to control the heating in areas only when and where required, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Tansun infrared heaters offer maximum performance and very low running costs. They are designed with a ‘fit and forget’ reputation, are reliable, durable and virtually maintenance-free. Features include extruded aluminium heat sinks to keep heaters cool for better reliability. The shortwave technology is also noiseless, doesn’t contribute to air pollution and is compatible with energy saving controllers.


The energy-saving infrared electric heaters had dramatic effect at the Hamilton Gymnastics club, providing comforting warmth to all gymnasts and spectators within the large gymnastics facility in Scotland. The once  impossible to heat area was transformed with the installation of the high quality maintenance-free heaters and has allowed the gymnastics club to be popular with gymnasts all year round.

The powerful Apollo infrared heaters offer unrivalled heat performance not only perfect for the Hamilton Gymnastics Club, but also ideal for  space heating as well as industrial heating

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"We needed heating which could be tailored to different areas of the hall, and sometimes the foyer too, to avoid both financial and environmental wastage. Other clubs have since commented on how cosy and welcoming our gym is, even when it was -6°C outside! We’re delighted with our new heating system!" Ruth Gibson, Head Coach at Hamilton Gymnastics Club