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Hospitality Heating

Veranda or Golf Club with Tansun Heaters

Tansun outdoor infrared heaters with quartz shortwave technology have provided the optimal hospitality heating solution for over 30 years.

Within the hospitality industry the main focus is the customer and their wants and needs. Keeping the customer happy is key and this also means keeping them warm. Common problems that the hospitality industry face are large bulky heaters that take up far too much floor space in their restaurant or bar as well as the heaters not fitting in with the aesthetics of their establishment.

Tansun Infrared Hospitality Heaters

Tansun have been installing high quality infrared heaters within the hospitality industry for over 30 years, and have listened to restaurateurs' needs and taken them in mind when designing our infrared hospitality heaters. Tansun’s range of innovative infrared heaters are available in any RAL colour so as to fit in effortlessly within the hospitality environment, ideal for bar and restaurant heating.

Tansun also offer a comprehensive range of energy saving controllers, which allow the hospitality heaters to be dimmed down from 100% to 75% to 50% to OFF. Tansun quartz infrared heaters can be wall mounted so as not to take up any valuable floor space that the restaurant or bar might want to keep free for ease of customer flow or potentially another table.

Tansun's robust infrared hospitality heaters provide the perfect ambience for a restaurant's indoor dining space and outdoor seating area. This makes Tansun's infrared heaters perfect for hospitality heating and one of the most energy efficient and innovative heating solution in the hospitality industry.

Benefits of Tansun infrared heaters for heating hospitality areas:

  • Tansun offer a range of highly energy efficient heaters that can save the hospitality industry a lot of money on their heating costs.
  • Tansun's lightweight infrared heaters can be wall mounted to not take up any valuable floor space, ideal for hospitality heating.
  • Tansun quartz infrared heaters have been manufactured to look stylish, elegant and are available in a range of RAL colours, to effortlessly fit into any hospitality environment.

Tansun Bahama Single Low Glare Infrared Quartz Heater
Bahama - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare infrared heaters.

Tansun Monaco Single Low Glare Infrared Quartz Heater In Black
Monaco - Low Glare Infrared Heater Range

High quality ultra low glare infrared heaters for all round use.

Tansun Rio Grande Single Weatherproof Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
Rio Grande - Weatherproof Infrared Heater Range

Stylish, elegant weatherproof shortwave infrared heaters perfect for awnings and canopies.

Tansun Sorrento Commercial Infrared Quartz Heater in Black
Sorrento - Commercial Infrared Heater Range

Robust multipurpose weatherproof commercial shortwave infrared heaters.