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Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 900 Series

Tansun Effciency Heat Panel 900 Series
Tansun Effciency Heat Panel 900 Series
Tansun Effciency Heat Panel 900 Series
  • Description

    Radiant Heat Panel

    "Fits into any environment"

    Style, efficiency and functionality are combined on the Tansun Efficiency series 900 infrared heating panel.

    The medium-sized Heat Panel in the range, this energy-efficient heater will heat most small-to-medium domestic areas and also is ideal for commercial areas like hotel rooms and offices.

    This heater will blend in easily into most environments and is available in any RAL colour to suit the surroundings. This heat panel is easy to install and could be wall or ceiling mounted.

    Note: For ceiling mounting additional mounting brackets need to be purchased as an optional extra.

  • Technical


    Model Total Power (Watts) Voltage (Volts) Current (Amps) Minimum Mounting Floor Height (cm) Minimum Distance From Ceiling (cm) Minimum Distance From Side Wall (cm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) Cable (metres)








    595 x 895 x 38


  • Accessories


    Fully Controllable Heat

    The Tansun digital thermostat offers further energy saving and provides consistent fully controllable heat to meet your lifestyle or commercial needs.

    The thermostats allow you to adjust temperature levels on an hour by hour basis to make sure you’re limiting energy wastage.

    Offices and homes can be draughty and difficult to heat, however digital thermostats offer precision control over the heat panels, allowing you to create comfort heat in your home or workspace areas.