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As the UK’s leading manufacturer of infrared heaters for over 35 years, Tansun have been providing exceptional infrared heating solutions to a diverse range of organisations within the industrial and commercial industry. Below are a small sample of testimonials from Tansun’s satisfied clients.

Nick Godward - Production Engineer at Cashmores Metals

“Our sister company The Metal Centre did the research when they were looking to upgrade their heating and it was on their recommendation that we contacted Tansun. The benefit of the heaters is the localised heating, as we no longer have to heat vast areas that are sometimes unoccupied."

"The staff are pleased with the heaters and we have found the energy usage is negligible in comparison to the kerosene floor heaters we had before. They were very ineffective and with our six-metre roller shutter doors being opened throughout the day the heat that had generated would dissipate very quickly."

“The installation was another factor in choosing Tansun, and the parts are similar to a lamp in a light fitting. We estimate a saving on last year’s energy bills including initial start-up costs, purchase, installation and running costs, of approx. £90,000 since it’s installation in November 2018. We were using up to £30,000 per month in kerosene alone, so we would recommend Tansun to others as a cost-effective alternative to ambient heaters because of the easiness of the process and the savings.”

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Cashmores Metals Logo
Neisha Smith - Manager at Ramp 1

“The heaters are cost-friendly and easy to use and we simply switch them on when we need them. They benefit us as the café area can be very cold, so having the heaters there make customers feel warm and welcome.”

“The skate park is a very large open space so we are finding the heaters work well, and we are very happy with the results. We would recommend Tansun heaters to others looking to achieve a more direct-acting and efficient heating solution."

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Ramp 1 Skate Park logo
Tom Agnew - Assistant Manager at Horton Park Golf

“We wanted heaters fitted so the players were always comfortable when practicing at the range. We’ve got 16 Tansun Sorrento heaters installed and although they look small they are very powerful and effective.”

“A great feature is the timer switch which turns the heaters on for around six minutes, so it is ideal for saving us money. The heaters are perfect for heating the whole of the range bay area, so I would absolutely recommend Tansun’s products to others. They are good value and are doing a great job for us”

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Horton Park Golf Club
Ruth Gibson - Head Coach at Hamilton Gymnastics Club

“When we took over the building, it had absolutely no heating and we had no real idea of what type of heating system would work best. What we did know, however, was that we needed the hall to be comfortable for the gymnasts but also for spectators. We needed heating which could be tailored to different areas of the hall, and sometimes the foyer too, to avoid both financial and environmental wastage.”

“Following some advice from Zero Waste Scotland, we decided to have Tansun heaters installed. We like the fact that we don’t have to heat the entire space but can focus on the areas being used, zoning them off with easily operated controls. Other clubs have since commented on how cosy and welcoming our gym is, even when it was -6°C outside! We’re delighted with our new heating system!”

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Hamilton Gymnastics Club
Arthur Mangel - La Placette Restaurant

“Tansun heaters are used in a lot of restaurants around Paris, and after using them in another project we decided that they were the right fit for La Placette. We have 16 heaters installed and I am very pleased with the impact they have made on our business. I would definitely recommend Tansun heaters to others looking to enhance their al fresco dining experience.”

La Placette restaurant in Champs-Elysées, Paris
John Harrop, Churchwarden at St John the Baptist Church

“We used Tansun's infrared heaters as result of a referral after it proved impossible to repair or replace our existing infrared heaters. After doing some research a decision was made by all members of the Parochial Church Council to purchase Tansun’s infrared heaters. They were installed for the benefit of the existing congregation, but obviously can be enjoyed by all our visitors as well."

"Four Apollo heaters were installed in February 2017 so now we are getting into the winter months we are finding them very beneficial. If our congregation was to increase and we needed to heat other areas of the church we would consider using Tansun again in the future as we have been pleased with the results.”

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St John The Baptist Church
Alex Dolan - Assistant Manager at Merchant House Brasserie

“With a large outside space and with British weather being as it is, it was clear to us that adequate heating was crucial to our business model. While they added a certain ambiance with the flames, the gas heaters we were using were ineffective, unreliable, expensive to run and bad for the environment."

"Having looked across the market at both local and international suppliers, the sleek look, anti-glare properties, range of products from Tansun and the reasonable prices seemed like the obvious option for us."

"We are so pleased that we will definitely be choosing them when we eventually refurbish our other restaurants. Our clients regularly comment on how they like the new found warmth of our terrace and this can be seen in the sales. As a matter of fact I posted a picture up on Facebook and got a call for a table of eight under the heaters five minutes later!”

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Merchant House Brasserie in Jersey
Jon Charles and Patrick Hall - The Laundrette Restaurant

“We are very pleased with Tansun heaters; they are fantastic quality and reliable pieces of equipment. They are especially handy on those chilli evenings and we get plenty of those in Manchester!"

"We are so impressed with the quality and performance that we will continue to use them throughout our business venture. They are by far the best on the market. When we opened The Laundrette Chorlton in 2013 we installed 6 infrared heaters and 13 for the opening of The Laundrette Manchester in 2016."

"We will be opening another site in Newcastle this year and intend to continue warming the nation with Tansun heaters. We have more restaurants opening throughout the UK in the coming years and will be using the Tansun infrared heaters in each of these businesses too.”

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The Laundrette Restaurant in Manchester
Max Bennet – Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill

“We have some beautiful views from our rooftop location and now with our new retractable roof and Tansun infrared heaters, our guests can sit out all year round. We have very effectively increased our number of covers by doing this. The infrared heaters are brilliant in providing real heat to our guests on the balcony and as they walk out through the sliding doors.”

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Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar And Grill At The Cube In Birmingham
Priest ‘Rev Fr Stephen Squires’ – Saint Michael’s Church

"We have tried for years, literally years to find an effective heating solution for this church and the Tansun heating system is the only one we have found that provides an effective heating solution whilst dramatically reducing our heating costs. We are now saving over 75% per annum on heating costs."

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Saint Michael's Church In Wolverhampton
Steven Wakefield - Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant

“We chose to install the Tansun heaters after they were recommended to us by our installer to help create a comfortable atmosphere on our outdoor terrace. We bought six units for our restaurant and are very happy with the results. The heaters look great out on the terrace and are comfortable and fully adjustable; we would definitely use Tansun again.”

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Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant In Wilmslow
Sarah Pryer – Individual Restaurant Company

“Tansun has supplied their quality infrared heating systems to Individual Restaurants for some time. We are very pleased with the performance of the heaters and our customers have found them beneficial, particularly in colder evenings. We would consider using more of Tansun’s products again in the future where there is a requirement for instant, powerful heating.”

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Piccolino Italiano Restaurant In Alderley Edge
Sarah Pryer - Individual Restaurant Company

"We have seen a massive increase in turnover since having the Double Sorrentos installed in our Brindley Place restaurant. The restaurant looks inviting from the outside with the warm glow of the heaters, and our customers' outdoor dining experience is now made even more pleasant."

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Piccolino Italiano Restaurant In Birmingham
Restaurant Manager - Boisdale of Canary Wharf

"Our customers seem much happier about dining outside now. The best thing about the heaters is the fact of the heater not having to warm up. Just turn them straight on and the heat is felt immediately."

Boisdale Restaurant In Canary Wharf, London
Roz Allen - Soho House UK

"The Eclipse heater caught our eye due to its modern and sleek look. We also wanted an infrared heater that wasn’t too powerful in the restaurant, and this seemed the perfect choice."

Soho House & Co - The Farmhouse Project In Oxfordshire
Lucy Atkinson - Planit Events Ltd

"The Sorrento has been great thanks. If we were to buy any more heaters we would definitely come back to you in the future."

Planit Events, London
Dave Robson - Shipley’s Brothers

"Since installing the Rio Grandes we have had nothing but positive feedback from our regular bingo players, and also our guests. It is an essential for smoking areas especially with the British weather!"

BJ's Bingo, brand of Bingo halls based in Birmingham, Leigh and Reading
Vicar - Church of St Mary

"The heaters are cost friendly and easy to use. We just simply switch them on when the congregation come into the church, then switch off after. No more waiting around for hours to pre-heat the church to a comfortable temperature."

Church Of St Mary In Limington, Somerset
Hannah Burke - The Lighterman

“The Tansun heaters really do allow us to take the inside out, making our terrace functional over the cooler months and evenings so generating increased revenue from customers’ outdoor use. We were delighted to find the Tansun heaters as they are very sleek looking units and can be specified in any RAL colour."

"We chose graphite grey to complement the masts of the parasols and so they are not at all intrusive, and at the same time have low glare and look warm. The heaters have been very successful and we hope to use them on other projects in the future.”

The Lighterman In Granary Square, King's Cross