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Ceiling Tile Heaters

office heating targeted heat when needed

Elevate your commercial heating solutions with Tansun’s innovative Ceiling Tile Heaters. Our heat efficient ceiling tiles are expertly designed to seamlessly fit into the standard 60x60cm tile space within a ceiling grid with bespoke and other sizes available. 

Tailored for optimal heating in diverse commercial applications such as offices, shops, schools, hospitals and much more, our ceiling heating panels offer an unparalleled heating experience.

Key Benefits of Our Radiant Ceiling Panels

  • Zoning Effect – Experience targeted heating with a unique “zoning” effect, projecting warm and comfortable heat to a defined area for maximum energy efficiency
  • Remote Control – Effortlessly control heating zones via a dedicated thermostat strategically placed within the heating area for total convenience
  • Efficient Radiant Ceiling Panels – Manufactured in the UK for over 40 years using robust engineering techniques for minimal heat losses from the rear panel, maximising heat output
  • Versatile & Discreet – Choose from singlewide or double-grid layouts to accommodate your specific ceiling grid for seamless tile slot integration, directly above occupants and workers. Tansun also offer bespoke manufacturing for ceiling tile heater dimensions for fully flexible options including RAL colours
  • Superior Comfort and Efficiency – Experience comfort akin to the warmth of the sun, Tansun ceiling tile heaters focus on warming objects and people directly without the need to heat the whole volume of space
  • Space Saving – Free up floor space in busy areas with an out-of-sight and mind heat source, delivering a large coverage area and even heat distribution

Approximate Ceiling Tile Heat Coverage Areas

Efficiency Series 600 Efficiency Series 900 Efficiency Series 1200
Power: 325 Watts
Coverage: 5-7m2
Power: 520 Watts
Coverage: 7-9m2
Power: 700 Watts
Coverage: 10-16m2

With low power inputs our ceiling tile heaters offer high efficiency and even heat distribution at very low running costs.



Enhance your commercial heating projects with Tansun’s cutting-edge ceiling tile heaters, combining efficiency, comfort and innovation in one seamless solution.

Key Features of Tansun Infrared Ceiling Tile Heating

  • Low Power - Our UK manufactured panels are lightweight, low energy (under 1kW) and aluminium-based for high performance ceiling and wall heating leading to reduced energy consumption and cost savings
  • Silent & Maintenance Free - With zero moving parts or air circulation Tansun ceiling panel heaters are silent and maintenance-free, making them hassle-free
  • Versatility in Installation - Easily install panels side-by-side or individually, catering to areas which require dedicated heat with our range of grid sizes
  • Easy & Low-Cost Installation – Ceiling tile panel heaters are the lowest cost installation option for heating commercial offices or any places with ceiling tiles and can be rapidly installed seamlessly into your existing tile grids
  • Professional Specification Service - Trust in Tansun’s team of in-house consultants who have decades of experience estimating the best position for seamless integration into your suspended ceiling system
  • Fully Customisable Options Available – Panel colour and size are fully customisable for a ceiling-mounted infrared heating solution which suits your exact needs 

More advantages of infrared ceiling panels are available here.

Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series A lightweight and discreet infrared heat panel
Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series

Turn any room into a warm and comfortable area