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Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant

Tansun's low glare infrared heaters provide comforting warmth to customers in the outdoor terrace of Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant

Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant is a restaurant in Wilmslow town centre offering a private dining experience to customers. The owners have been building their restaurant business for the last 20 years, serving authentic Thai meals that their diners can enjoy both indoors and out. The popular chain also has restaurants in Macclesfield, Liverpool, Didsbury and Bramhall.


The Chilli Banana Thai restaurant has an outdoor terrace area overlooking the heart of the town, allowing customers to have an enjoyable dining experience outdoors. In the colder months, the outdoor dining area was not being fully used and so an efficient heating system for the outdoor area was required.


Tansun’s Monaco Double low glare infrared heaters were selected for Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant. The Monaco heaters are designed to heat large areas with their powerful ultra-low glare. The effective heat distribution means they are ideal for the outdoor terrace of the restaurant, keeping the customers warm all year round. The infrared heaters can be wall mounted or hung from a ceiling and are also suitable for awnings.


For the outdoor dining area of the restaurant, Tansun Monaco Double infrared heaters in black were installed to increase the number of covers and make the terrace attractive to visitors and encourage them to sit outdoors all year round.


Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant is now benefiting from outdoor heating thanks to Tansun’s low glare infrared heaters and their instant and effective heat. The Tansun heaters can also be controlled remotely with a controller or presence detector to adjust the heat output and the energy consumption easily and quickly.

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"We chose to install the Tansun heaters after they were recommended to us by our installer to help create a comfortable atmosphere on our outdoor terrace. The heaters look great out on the terrace and are comfortable and fully adjustable; we would definitely use Tansun again." Steven Wakefield, Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant owner