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St Michael's Church - Wolverhampton

How Tansun heaters greatly reduced heating costs in St Michael's Church

St Michael’s Church in Wolverhampton installed Tansun Apollo infrared space heaters to replace their old inefficient underfloor heating system.

Their previous underfloor heating had to be switched on three days before Sunday service, which lasted only a few hours. This was proving to be very costly, and unsustainable for the church. They needed a more efficient heating solution and contacted Tansun.


Tansun surveyed the building and with our specialist trained staff, carefully designed a heating scheme taking into account all the various important factors which included aesthetic consideration, power availability and where the heaters would be best situated based on the requirements and needs of the church.

Tansun offer a free heater bespoke design service for all of our clients.


Tansun’s Apollo infrared space heaters were chosen for the church as they were powerful enough to heat large buildings with high ceilings. Tansun offer a range of bracketry and so the space heaters would be wall mounted at the appropriate angle for the people below to feel the comforting warmth of the infrared heaters.


St Michael’s decided to go ahead with Tansun’s proposal, installing the Apollo space heaters during the warmer summer months so they could benefit from the heating system in time for the winter.

The installation was clean from any major building works and avoided any disruption to the church activities. The Apollo infrared heaters were specially designed to target space heating for the entire church seating area.


The results from the changeover to Tansun’s high quality space heaters were self-evident. The church now have only to turn on the infrared heaters exactly when the heat is required as the heaters have zero pre-heating time.

This has enabled the church to save a staggering 75% per annum on their heating bills and St Michael’s church were delighted with the results.

Church Heating Costs

The figures below show the heating costs for the church for the exact same period for before and after installing the Tansun  Apollo infrared space heaters. All the figures are data provided by St Michael’s church themselves.

Sept 2010 - March 2011   
(Old heating system)
Sept 2011 - March 2012
   (Tansun heating system installed)
Sept: £29.95 Sept: £6.49
Oct: £388.36 Oct: £44.00
Nov: £168.17 Nov: £92.67
Dec: £1546.15 Dec: £254.77
Jan: £404.69 Jan: £243.23
Feb: £1050.43 Feb: £153.27
Mar: £707.81 Mar: £95.33
Total: £4295.56 Total: £889.76

The figures show that St Michael’s church is now making a saving of 79% per annum on heating costs during the main months when the heating is required.

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"We have tried for years, literally years to find an effective heating solution for this church and the Tansun heating system is the only one we have found that provides an effective heating solution whilst dramatically reducing our heating costs. We are now saving over 75% per annum on heating costs." Parish priest ‘Rev Fr Stephen Squires’