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Tansun’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is quartz heating?

Quartz heaters work like the sun, radiating their heat instantly to the person or objects within their beam. It is the most effective way to warm people, as there is no warm-up period. Also, as the air in between remains unheated no heat is lost to draughts, open doors or high roof spaces. This form of heating is ideal in part-occupied buildings as the heating can be zoned and controlled. For more information on quartz heating, please visit our "How Quartz Heating Works" page, within our "Technical" section.

Are Tansun infrared heaters expensive to run?

Using Tansun’s free heating design service, our infrared heaters are energy efficient and cost effective. By installing Tansun infrared heaters, you could have up to 75% off your annual heating bills. By adding Tansun’s variable controls and occupancy sensors you can save even more energy by adjusting the heat requirements to the different weather conditions and environments. We can estimate all your costs in advance and take into consideration all the benefits of having no warm up times.

Is there any ultraviolet (UV) output from Tansun heaters?

No. Tansun infrared heaters use quartz elements and project only ‘pure infrared heat’, meaning no ultraviolet (UV) light.

Are quartz heaters controllable?

Yes! Tansun’s range of quartz heaters are fully controllable, and we have a range of energy saving controllers to help increase the energy efficiency of your infrared heater. Our controllers allow our infrared heaters to be dimmed down from 100% to 75% to 50% to OFF, all with the switch of a button on one of our handy remote controls. For more information, please visit our "Heater Controllers" page within the "Accessories" section.

How long do Tansun infrared lamps (emitters) last?

Unfortunately no supplier can 100% guarantee the exact length of its lamps, but Tansun’s reputation for working with only the world’s best lamp suppliers, mean that you can expect an average lifespan of around 7000 hours. Utilising Tansun’s range of digital variable controllers can increase the life of the emitter (lamp) by up to 20%. We use a ‘soft start’ technology that reduces the high ‘inrush’ and in turn adds to the lamps' lifespan.

Are quartz heaters safe to use?

Of course. There are many misconceptions about quartz short wave infrared heat, and we are here to clear up all the blurred lines that seem to be making people misconceive this heating technology. It is a completely silent, gentle and healthy heat. No emissions are emitted from the heaters, and quartz infrared heaters are actually safer than other types of heating due to them not reducing the humidity or oxygen content in the room. 

Quartz heaters work very similarly to the sun, and you can enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight warmth without the harmful UV rays penetrating the skin. The short wave infrared heat will even promote healthier blood circulation. For more information about quartz heating, please visit our "How Quartz Heating Work" page.

Are Tansun’s range of infrared heaters suitable for outdoors

Yes. Our quartz infrared heaters produce short wave infrared (the only type that can heat outdoor areas effectively and suffer no heat loss through draft). Unlike gas alternatives that need safety checks every day, our infrared heaters are virtually maintenance free and completely safe. Tansun offers a full range of IP weatherproof heaters that are suitable for outdoor heating. Our infrared heaters use a special powder coating that prevents rusting.

How are Tansun products tested?

Tansun only sell heaters that have full certifications, meaning that they are independently and rigorously tested to meet the required standards of safety. In addition to this, Tansun thoroughly test all products for hundreds of hours to make sure they are not only safe but they are the most reliable heaters available.

Why are some heaters cheap and others expensive?

Tansun infrared heaters are manufactured in the UK out of high quality durable materials and are built to last. Cheaper alternatives on the market, make use of cheaper materials for their manufacturing process and often the manufacturing is sourced from overseas and then shipped back over to the UK. All of Tansun’s products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Do I need a separate remote for each heater?

The Tansun 6 channel remote will control 6 heating zones. Multiple heaters per zone/channel can be controlled. The relevant kW receiver per heater/s will be required dependent on heater type. Please visit our "Heater Controllers" page within the "Accessories" section for more information.

What does IP Rating mean?

The term “IP” stands for ingress protection and IP codes provide industry standards for measuring the resilience of electric appliances against ingress from solid or liquid particles. It is a legal requirement for all electrical products to be IP rated. For more information on IP ratings and their meanings, please visit our "IP Rating" page within our "Technical" section.

Why electric over gas?

Gas heaters are not ideal for heating outdoor areas for many reasons. They emit harmful fumes as a by-product of fuel burning and any heat that they do produce gets taken away by the drafts and winds. They are often less than 50% energy efficient, whereas Tansun electric infrared heaters convert over 96% of their input into heat. In simpler terms, a standard 15kW gas ‘mushroom’ heater is the equivalent of a 1.5kW Tansun infrared heater, due to its directional heat. 

Electric quartz infrared heaters do not need extensive pipework installations unlike gas heaters, which also come with the downfall of ongoing maintenance which can prove even more costly when mounted high up. For more information on gas heaters vs electric heaters, please visit our "Heating Comparisons" page in our "Technical" section.

How do you install Tansun heaters?

Tansun infrared heaters are easy to install and due to their design, they offer greater versatility upon installation. However, we do still recommend that you use a qualified electrician for your installation. If you would like further information on the installation of Tansun heaters, please give us a call or visit our "Contact" page.

Can I download the technical specification information?

Yes. All of our technical specification sheets and more are available on our "Downloads" page within the "Technical" section.

Can I get a European plug fitted on my heater?

Tansun infrared heaters come with 3.0 metres of cord fitted with either a UK plug or Schucko EU plug. Appropriate lead and plugs will be fitted when orders are placed.

Which major brands have we worked with?
Tansun have worked on a diverse range of projects globally, with some of the world’s most well-known brands. Some of these include Google, Costa Coffee, McDonalds, Coca Cola and many more.