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A Journey to an MBE: Pete Rana Innovating with Tansun

The path from being a local entrepreneur to becoming a local visionary and leader is often one marked by determination, innovation and from a relentless pursuit of excellence. One individual who embodies this journey is Pete Rana MBE, a name synonymous with Tansun, a pioneering manufacturing company in the field of infrared heating solutions. This article delves into the remarkable milestones of Pete Rana’s journey, highlighting his role in transforming Tansun into a global force.

Tansun's Humble Beginnings

Every success story has a humble beginning and Pete Rana’s journey is no exception. Founded in 1982 over 40 years ago, Tansun started as a small family-owned business in West Bromwich, West Midlands at heart of the UK’s manufacturing belt. The company’s vision was clear, to introduce cutting-edge energy-efficient infrared heating solutions to the UK, wholly manufactured from a central hub. The commitment to innovation and quality laid the foundation for Tansun’s future success.

Pioneering Tansun Innovation

Under Pete’s leadership, Tansun quickly gained a reputation for pioneering innovation in the heating industry. With a keen eye for technological trends, Pete led the research, engineering and development of Tansun’s range of infrared heating products. Some of Pete’s milestones with Tansun include working with Philips to develop the Gold Helen Lamp and introducing the world’s first glass-fronted IP waterproof infrared heater also in collaboration with Phillips. This invention was responsible for driving the electric outdoor heater market as we know it today, paving the applications in which infrared heating could be used as a technology. Alongside a collaboration with GE, Pete also pioneered the world’s first waterproof Quartz infrared heating lamp, unlocking new parameters for infrared heating across various types of commercial and domestic settings. A partnership with lighting giant OSRAM in which Pete developed the first dual low-glare heater is another clear example of Tansun’s determination to deliver ground-breaking heating solutions for new applications. Pete’s relentless pursuit of innovation set Tansun apart, making the company a frontrunner in the heating industry.

"Continuing to pioneer, major lamp manufacturers such as Phillips, GE, Osram, Toshiba, Panasonic and Ushio were eager to collaborate with Tansun, aiming to integrate their lamps within Tansun heating systems within the hospitality sector." Pete Rana, Group Chairman at Tansun Ltd

Expanding into Global Heating Markets

The journey from a local entrepreneur to a global visionary is marked by the ability to identity growth opportunities beyond borders. Pete Rana’s leadership vision was the driving force of Tansun’s expansion into International markets today, which has allowed the company to curate a strong global presence. Through strategic partnerships with distributors and the forming of stakeholder alliances, Tansun’s infrared heating solutions have reached customers on a global scale. Across markets, Tansun has been consistently recognised as a durable, reliable and high-quality infrared heating solution, a testament to Pete’s vision for a worldwide reach. Pete also ensured that Tansun remained rooted in its heritage, continuing to research, engineer, develop and manufacture new products and innovations from the UK, distributing globally via a streamlined logistics network.

Building Sustainable Relationships

Pete’s evolution of Tansun across borders also highlights the importance of building sustainable relationships which are rooted in collaboration and mutual growth. Through nurturing strong relationships with customers, partners and employees, Pete successfully fostered an environment for Tansun which has allowed innovation and creativity to flourish. Tansun became not just a manufacturer and provider of heating solutions, but a trusted and reputable partner known for a customer-centric approach; striving for the most innovative products which meet a variety of demands and requirements across industries.

“As an entrepreneur, I just love leading from the front, coming up with innovative ideas and seeing these coming to fruition.” Pete Rana, Group Chairman at Tansun Ltd

MBE Recognition and Accomplishments

The culmination of Pete’s journey is reflected in Pete’s recognition and accomplishments. By 2003, Tansun was exporting to over 50 countries worldwide. As a result, Pete was awarded an MBE (Member of the Member of the British Empire) by the late Her Majesty the Queen for his contributions to the development of the heating industry and international trade surrounding his dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship in the UK. This prestigious honour is a reflection of Pete’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his remarkable journey from a local entrepreneur to a global visionary.

“This was a great honour which I am very proud of and to have met her late Majesty the Queen. It was a few weeks after receiving the honour when a gentleman approached me and congratulated me on the award. He said you must be very pleased as this is not something you can just take an exam for and pass. Others have noticed what you contribute to services to industry and international trade and this is something you should be proud of.” Pete Rana, Group Chairman at Tansun Ltd

A Legacy of Inspiration

As Pete’s legacy continues to inspire entrepreneurs and infrared heating companies around the world, Tansun remains a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, innovation and a global perspective whilst always remaining true to the company’s heritage. Pete’s ability to transform a local infrared heating business into an International powerhouse serves as a crucial lesson in the power of visionary leadership, as well as the importance of staying true to the company’s principles and values.

Tansun’s Future Outlook

Supported by a strong team of engineers, consultants and industry experts, some of who have been with the company for decades, Pete and Tansun are continuing to develop and deliver the most innovative products. In line with net zero targets, Tansun have shifted to electric heating innovation which aligns with its goals of providing revolutionary carbon neutral solutions to the industrial, commercial and domestic sector. As a company, Tansun are continuing to break industry records and have recently celebrated 40+ successful years as the only infrared heating manufacturer which is completely manufactured in the UK.

“My next project is to continue to introduce products that will help in reducing industrial and commercial carbon footprints as businesses are on the road to net zero. We’re also looking at ways we can continue to improve our own carbon footprint and invite any interested parties to visit our training showroom and see our current projects.” Pete Rana, Group Chairman at Tansun Ltd

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