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Sorrento Ceramic Single - Infrared Heater

Multipurpose ceramic infrared heater giving off no visible light

Tansun Sorrento Ceramic Single No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater In Black
Tansun Sorrento Ceramic Single No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater In Black
Tansun Sorrento Ceramic Single No Glare Ceramic Infrared Heater In Black
  • Description

    Medium wave ceramic Heater

    "Perfect for commercial heating where glare not wanted"

    The Tansun Sorrento Ceramic Single is the industry leading ‘zero glare’ ceramic heater, offering exceptional reliability and long term heating use without glass.

    The Sorrento Ceramic range incorporates top of the range robust ceramic elements for efficient radiant heating. The Sorrento Ceramic Single infrared heater can be grouped together to create a bespoke heating system, offering more flexibility for installation.

    The Ceramic range is the perfect efficient heating solution for those applications that require a less intensive heat level and no glass. It would be ideally used in environments such as hospitals, food preparation, photography studios and many more. The Sorrento Ceramic Single is available in a power option of 1.0kW and 1.3kW and comes as standard in black or silver.

  • Technical


    Tansun heaters are designed and manufactured for outdoor use. They can be used indoors but should be used in conjunction with suitable energy saving controllers. Please contact Tansun for controllers for these applications.

    Model Voltage Total Power (Watts) Total Power (kW) Minimum Mounting Floor Height (m) Minimum Distance From Ceiling (m) Minimum Distance From Side Wall (m) Weight Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)

    SOR 213 S


    1 x 1300






    402 x 227 x 323

  • Accessories


    Ultimate Energy Savings

    Tansun offer a wide selection of switches and heater controls that are suited to almost any situation and need. Where energy and cost savings matter, we don’t believe in heating an empty space or having more heat than is required. When combined with a presence detector (PIR) and/or a remote control, our ambient range can easily be adjusted in heat output and energy consumption, ensuring maximum user comfort and energy savings.