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Bathrooms require special attention when it comes to heating. They are humid and damp and often colder than other rooms due to tiling as opposed to carpeting.

They are also heavily-used first thing in the morning – when temperatures outside can be at their lowest. 

Tansun’s radiant heat panels are an ideal solution for the particular challenges of bathroom heating. They provide even heat distribution to warm people and objects. As well as enveloping you in gentle heat you’ll no longer have to put up with freezing cold floors as the panels heat the floor too.

And because our Heat Panels are IP Rated they can be used in any bathroom. The ability to be either wall- or ceiling-mounted means they are great when space is at a premium.

Tansun Iridium Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series
Iridium Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series A lightweight and discreet infrared heat panel
Tansun Iridium Heat Panel 1200 Series
Iridium Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series Turn any room into a warm and comfortable area