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Educational Buildings

Heating can account for up to 60% of a school’s total energy budget - according to the Carbon Trust – so the decision regarding how to heat school buildings has a big impact on organisational budgets.

Many schools still rely on centralised boilers and although technology has improved their efficiency over the years, they cannot compete with the up to 98% efficiency of infrared heaters. And that high efficiency can mean cost savings in the range of 30% - 70% depending on the system the infrared heaters are replacing.

But it’s not just reduced costs that makes infrared heaters an ideal option for educational use. Another key benefit is controllability. Infrared heaters can be controlled digitally with our range of thermostats and timed to come on and off only when a room is occupied. 

Infrared heat also has health benefits. Unlike forms of heating that rely on the convention of warm air to transmit heat, infrared heat doesn’t circulate dust and pollen particles. This can help reduce symptoms for pupils with allergies.

Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series A lightweight and discreet infrared heat panel
Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series

Turn any room into a warm and comfortable area