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Hotel Bedrooms

Heating hotel bedrooms can be a real headache – some guests complain that their room is too stuffy, whilst others are calling down for blankets complaining that the room is too cold.

Electric Infrared heaters can help you get the balance right and offer several advantages over other forms of hotel heating. 

They heat a room in the same way as the sun, heating people and objects first. It’s a gentle, natural-feeling heat which your guests will love. 

Infrared is up to 98% energy efficient. Hotel and B&B owners regularly save between 30% - 70% compared with other forms of heating. And being kind on the pocket also has the added benefit of being kind to the environment – less energy means a smaller carbon footprint.

Not sure of what you’ll need? That’s no problem as we offer a design and specification service. Our design experts will guide you through the whole process. 

Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series A lightweight and discreet infrared heat panel
Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series

Turn any room into a warm and comfortable area