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Small Domestic Rooms

Tansun’s range of high quality infrared panel heaters are perfect for heating small domestic rooms, being highly-efficient, stylish and reliable.

Small rooms are often thought to be easier to heat than larger ones. However, it can still take time for 'traditional' radiators or fires to make such spaces comfortable. That's because these heat sources heat the air first and rely on convention to circulate the heat. Our Panels are different - they gently warm people and objects first, and then the surrounding air.

The panels are ultra-low energy and can save you up to 70% compared with the cost of other domestic heating. They are also a lot easier and cheaper to install than other forms of heating such as gas. And the absence of moving parts helps make these Panels maintenance-free. 

Controllability is another boon - they are fully individually thermostatically-controllable so you can achieve the exact room temperature you want.

Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 600 Series A lightweight and discreet infrared heat panel
Tansun Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series
Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel 1200 Series

Turn any room into a warm and comfortable area