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Energy Efficient Infrared Heating

With the cost of energy rocketing, it's no surprise that businesses are looking at how they can make their heating more energy efficient. In this article, we look at two of Tansun's heating solutions that can help save you money on your fuel bills.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your business's energy bills, then infrared heating should be top of your list.  

Infrared is a remarkably energy-efficient form of heating where energy conversion rates are around 98%. This means that an infrared heater can be 40% of the size of a conventional heater yet will still produce the same level of warmth. For instance, a 400W infrared heater will produce the same amount of heat as a 1kW conventional heater.

Another reason why Infread heating is a smart choice for companies is that, unlike convection heaters (e.g. radiators), infrared heating does not waste energy heating the air. Instead, its warmth is pleasantly transmitted like sunshine to the people and objects which are in its path.

Money saving

Installing infrared heating can save you significant amounts of money - in the region of 30-70% compared with other forms of heating. 

Running costs of different heating solutions

The table below shows the running costs of a range of commercial heating solutions. As you can see, Tansun's infrared heaters offer considerably lower running costs.  

Note: The running costs are based on the per kWh energy price cap total for electricity from October 2022 of 52 pence.

Air Curtain 12.0 Large building entrances £6.24
Storage Heaters 5.0 Instead of mains central heating £2.60
Patio Gas Heater 12.0 Terrace areas £6.24
Commercial Fan Heater 6.0 Community buildings £3.12
Tansun Apollo Infrared Heater 2.0 Restaurant terrace areas £1.04
Tansun Efficiency Infrared Heat Panel 0.3 Offices £0.16

Energy efficient solutions for business heating

In this section, we look at two of Tansun's heater ranges and the benefits that they offer for those looking for energy-efficient heating solutions.

Tansun Apollo

The  Tansun Apollo ‘space heater’ has been the commercial and industrial quartz infrared heater of choice for over 25 years.

2057-1266-Tansun-apollo-a1b-infrared-quartz-heater_(compressed).jpgThe high-quality infrared heaters have been specially designed for space heating; to heat large, difficult-to-heat buildings that require a high-powered, effective, energy-efficient heating solution.

The streamlined Apollo infrared heaters offer high levels of energy efficiency and are available in 1kW to 18kW configurations. Unlike many forms of commercial heating, Apollo heats people from the moment it is turned on - there's no need for pre-heating. 

When it comes to saving energy and money, Apollo also trumps many of the warm air systems used in warehouses. These often employ fans to move the hot air to where it is needed - these fans also consume energy adding to businesses' fuel bills. Apollo, and all infrared heaters, don't require fans as they don't heat the air, just people and objects.  

To maximise energy efficiency, we recommend pairing Apollo with our comprehensive range of  controllers. These include remote controls, time lag switches, and motion sensors. Doing so will help you heat areas only when needed.

Efficiency Radiant Heat Panel Series

Ideal for office environments and anywhere you are looking to replace central heating radiators, our radiant heating panels provide even heat distribution to gently warm people and objects before targeting the surrounding air.


Three panel heaters have been developed by Tansun in different sizes to cater for numerous areas. The Efficiency Series 600 (300W)900 (610W) and 1200 (785W), are extremely low wattage and ideal for reducing energy bills without sacrificing comfort. 

Dividing areas into zones with separate controls for heating is easily achieved with infrared heating panels, as directed, focused infrared heat warms everything in its range without losing heat to other spaces. When combined with the Tansun time lag switches or motion detectors, the panels provide even more controllability. With Tansun zoning and control it is easy to optimise energy efficiency, slim down heating bills and boast a truly eco-friendly heating system.

Standard panel colours are white or black finish but Tansun can create the panels in most RAL colour options to help blend in with particular environments and colour schemes.

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