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Office Heating is never 'one-size-fits-all'

Infrared Heating Panel in Office

A warm office is key to a happy workforce, but it can be tricky working out which heating system is the best way to achieve this. To assist those grappling with this thorny issue, we offer a briefing on one of the newer heating types on offer - infrared heat panels. 

Size, heat loss, hours of operation and other building management issues are just some of the many things that need to be thought through when considering office heating systems. 

With so many variables to consider, it is no surprise that office temperatures fail to please. A recent survey concluded that around half of workers (46%) complain that their office is either too cold or too warm and 15% of employees admit that they’ve actually argued with a co-worker about the office temperature (1).

Air Con & Radiators dominate

Most offices rely on air conditioning or radiators which get the job done but these consume a lot of power. These methods are extremely inefficient as they heat the air around the office which is then wasted by the constant opening of doors and the movement of staff.

Other offices plump for portable heaters that are frequently moved around and shared among workers. However, these can result in disagreements when there isn’t enough heat to go around, especially in older, inefficient buildings.

A more efficient alternative is to consider infrared panel heaters. There are a number of reasons why infrared heating panels are ideally suited for office heating

Benefits of Infrared for Office Heating 

  • Large fuel savings. Switching to infrared can result in 30-70% savings on fuel costs.
  • Natural warmth without wastage. The heaters transmit harmless infrared energy, in the same way as the sun does. This infrared energy turns into heat only when it comes into contact with an object or person. Unlike traditional heaters, which tend to rely on convection, infrared heaters do not heat the atmosphere or have heat blown away in the wind.
  • Instant and longer lasting heat. Those who are first to enter the building in the mornings won’t have to wait 15 minutes for a cold office to heat up and won’t be using 15 minutes of power to heat air that will inevitably be lost in a draught. Infrared heaters are simply turned on when the heat is needed and a comfortable temperature is reached quickly. What's more, the heat also lasts for longer as while air circulates, objects all over the room are radiating their heat slowly back into the room. 
  • Highly efficient. Infrared is a remarkably energy efficient form of heating where energy conversion rates are around 98%. Typically an infrared heater is 40% of the size of a conventional heater yet will still produce the same level of warmth. This means a 400W infrared heater for example will produce the same amount of heat as a 1kW conventional heater.
  • Low install costs. Infrared heating panels are highly cost-effective to install as they don’t require pipework to function and simply plug into the wall like a regular appliance. They can be wall-hung or, if wall space is at a premium, ceiling-mounted.  Because of their versatility, it’s also possible to gradually introduce infrared heaters into offices as they can be quickly and easily installed by an electrician, making it cheaper than other forms of office heating. This includes gas heating, where extra pipework may have to be brought in.
  • No distracting noise. Infrared heating panels have the advantage of being completely silent, so employees can focus and concentrate without the sound of air-conditioning or fans in the background.

Our range of infrared panel heaters

We have recently designed new radiant panels that are discrete and unobtrusive and can blend into any environment. Ideal for office environments, our radiant heating panels provide even heat distribution to gently warm people and objects before targeting the surrounding air. 

1891-1798-Page_8-_600_series_optimise_and_compress.pngDeveloped to be highly energy efficient, the panels are cost effective and can save approximately 30-70% in heating costs. They come with a full five-year warranty.

We have developed three standard-sized panel heaters. The Iridium Series  600 (300W)900 (610W) and 1200 (785W), are lightweight and extra-slim radiant heating panels and combine advanced heating technology and a timeless design of white or black finish to blend in with any decor. As well as the standard models and colours we can also produce custom sizes and colours.

For easy control, team the panels with our  Digital Thermostat. This helps maximise their potential and save energy and money. Temperature levels can be adjusted based on heating requirements to heat each individual room separately. Designed to a high standard, the Tansun Thermostat will ensure a cosy atmosphere wherever a heater is installed.

All Tansun products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. We have been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology. We have the largest range of commercial, industrial and domestic infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy infrared heaters for many different types of heating applications.

View the Tansun Iridium Infrared Heat Panel range.

(1). CareerBulider 'Workers Are Literally Fighting Over Temperature in the Office' May 2018.

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