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Building Site Heaters

Tansun Spotter infrared building site heater heating worker in indoor construction area.

Infrared heater manufacturers Tansun have developed an energy efficient range of building site heaters suitable for all indoor and outdoor construction areas.

Heating building sites for the benefit of the workers has always been a real struggle for construction companies. Previous industrial heating methods for these areas have been unreasonably costly and inefficient with most of the heat escaping outside and not heating the workers that actually require the heat.

Building sites tend to have large floor spaces with few windows and unfinished walls that allow the cold air and wind from outside to make the construction areas cold and uncomfortable for the workers. This causes the productivity of the workers to significantly decrease and can cause shivering and pain in the hands, especially in the winter months which causes real dangers in the building site. 

Infrared Building Site Heaters

To improve workers’ productivity and safety, Tansun have designed and manufactured an economical range of building site heaters using innovative infrared heat that is unaffected by the wind. These industrial portable heaters are mobile and so can be moved to the specific areas and workers requiring the heat. The infrared heaters are fitted as standard with lockable front wheels and an anti-tilt device, ensuring they are safe and suitable to use in the building site.

The portable outdoor heaters are weatherproof and fully IP rated so can easily be moved to the outdoor areas of the building site and with the shortwave infrared heat, they can even keep the workers warm outdoors. The infrared workshop heaters have no pre-heating time, meaning no energy is wasted. As well as being perfect for building site heating, the high quality heaters are also ideal for a range of other heating applications including emergency heatingflood recovery heating and mobile heating.

Tansun Beaver Portable Infrared Quartz Heater In Red
Beaver - Portable Infrared Heater

Light, robust infrared heater offering flexibility with emergency or spot heating.

Tansun Spotter Mobile Infrared Heater Front Profile in Red
Spotter - Mobile Infrared Heater

Robust mobile infrared heater ideal for spot or emergency heating.