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Commercial Portable Heaters

Tansun Spotter And Sorrento Single Infrared Heaters In Outdoor Market

Tansun have developed a range of infrared commercial portable heaters that are highly energy efficient and require no pre-heating.

Fitted with lockable front wheels and an anti-tilt device, the heaters are safe to use in any commercial area. The infrared heaters offer instantaneous heat so no energy is wasted by pre-heating, resulting in one of the most energy efficient portable commercial heater range on the market. A sturdy stand and epoxy powder coat ensures the heaters are resistant to chips and knocks, especially useful for commercial heating.

The infrared heaters can easily be relocated to wherever the heat is required so no heat is wasted, practical for large commercial environments that require reliable mobile heating. The heaters are often used in emergencies or when no heating system has been installed, heating targeted zones where people are normally working. The energy efficiency of the heaters make it perfect for portable commercial heating.

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Tansun Beaver Portable Infrared Quartz Heater In Red
Beaver - Portable Infrared Heater

Light, robust infrared heater offering flexibility with emergency or spot heating.

Tansun Spotter Mobile Infrared Heater Front Profile in Red
Spotter - Mobile Infrared Heater

Robust mobile infrared heater ideal for spot or emergency heating.